Shattering the Political Ceiling in NH

March 25th, 2009

Did you know that the New Hampshire State Senate is the first state legislative body in the country’s history with a female majority? I didn’t either until I read this article:

I think that is something to be very proud about. It isn’t just a token women, or even a female leader, but an actual majority!

Ride a sleigh for Friday the 13th in NH

March 12th, 2009

People forget that NH is a very rural state, and though the 21st century has arrived some of our most pleasing events are based on our farming roots.

With that in mind let me introduce to you the Coppal House Farmwhere you can go for an old-fashioned, horse-drawn wagon or sleigh ride.

It doesn’t run all the time, but it is running this friday and on this weekend.  

It’s a huge place of some 78 acres with great scenery and beautiful views of the fields and woods.  Although they do provide lap blankets I recommend  that you dress warmly.

It is in Lee, NH only 20 minutes from the Seacoast and 1-hour from Boston, MA or Portland, ME.  Sleigh rides are subject to weather of course.

For rates and more information please visit their website at .

118 North River Road
Lee, NH 03861

Phone: 603-659-3572

Free Tax Preparation for Low Income Taxpayers in Portsmouth

March 10th, 2009

Live in or near Portsmouth, NH, and need help with tax preparation? There is a charitable organization that can help you.

The full address is Northeast Credit Union | 100 Borthwick Avenue | Portsmouth

Appointments are being taken through March 14 for the free tax preparation program and can be made by phoning NECU at 422-9804.

Chilly Chili Cook-Off

February 27th, 2009

Tomorrow is the Chilly Chili Cook-Off at Flatbread’s at the Eastern Slope Inn.  Now there are a lot of chili cook-offs in this world, but in my mind this one is particularly special.  It isn’t just Chili con Carne, it’s more like a way of life! 

Now you might not consider Chili to be a New Hampshire speciality, but you’d be wrong!  I can point you to one famed recipied from a former governor of the state!

So get along to a local place to see local stuff between 11am and 2pm you’ll find local restaurants, organizations, locals and visitors alike as they vie for the people’s choice title, “2009 Best Chili.”   There will also be live music and special events going on

Check out the address:

Flatbread’s at the Eastern Slope Inn
2760 Main Street
North Conway, NH 03860


I’ll see you there!

What is the world (or NH) coming to?

February 26th, 2009

I mean it really is a disgrace:

DOVER, N.H. – A former New Hampshire congressional candidate has been released from jail after serving eight months for faking a car crash.


This is the type of people who are supposed want to represent our Granite State to Washington, D.C.?  I know he didn’t win or anything and yes he has been in jail.  But the whole thing just rankles that people like this even consider becoming candidates, or that we even consider them!

To me New Hampshire is a place of politeness and good old fashion values, and truth is pretty basic there I would say.  If you come to visit our state you will find friendly, welcoming and upstanding people everwhere.

Don’t be put off by a few bad apples I say!

Sorry I’ve been away

January 26th, 2009

But what with school and work I haven’t had much time for blogging.  But things are lightening up again and I do want to have my say about NH and also to put down in writing some of the thoughts I’ve had which should help my friends who read this and are visiting in the region.

So stand by for a few more posts shortly!

Tourist Spotlight: Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition

June 26th, 2007

Oh what a month June has been.  Stacey and I have been quite busy between family and work, but we’re slowly making our way back out to tour the rest of New Hampshire, and write about our experiences.  This past week, we visited Hampton Beach, the beach village that is politically connected to the town of Hampton, but essentially considered its own town, including a different zip code.

While we were there, as we had specifically planned, was the Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition, where about ten master sand sculptors from across the United States and Canada get together and create sand sculptures that for the first place winner, receives a prize of $2,000.  Definitely a great prize for something that they love to do, and amazes and brings visitors to the area.

But first, let’s take a brief look at the history of how the event started.

In 2000, the United States mint hired Greg Grady to create a massive replica of the new backside of the New Hampshire state quarter that featured the Old Man in the Mountain, to promote and commemorate the state’s most beloved, and now late landmark.  He was to create this replica using a mere ten tons of sand during the Hampton Beach Children’s Festival.  At the time, no one had seriously considered the though of having a sand sculpting contest.  Thankfully for the great marketing abilities of the United States Mint, Greg Grady brought his freelance work as a sand sculptor to a whole new level.  This was by inviting other master sand sculptors to compete not only for money, but to out do each other in their art of sand sculpting.

It’s a great thing, because this year is the seventh annual Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition.  Currently, a massive 220 tons of sand is brought in to accommodate the competition.  Here is how the schedule works:

Fri., June 15
300 tons of imported sand will be delivered to Hampton Beach

Sat., Sun., Mon., June 16, 17, & 18
“Pounding Up” and sponsor site takes shape

Tue. & Wed., June 19 & 20
Master Group Carve on sponsor site

Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 21-22-23
Solo Competition $15,000 purse and entry awards

Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 21-22-23
Free Lesson 1 – 3 p.m. (sign-up required)

Sat., June 23, 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Voting for People’s Choice Award

Sat., June 23 at 8:00 PM
Awards Ceremony on Sea Shell Stage.

But wait a minute, I remember attempting to build sand castles on the beach the many times my family went when I was younger.  How can these guys possibly makes those incredible sand sculptures only using sand and water?  The key is to spray them with something called a windscreen.  A windscreen is a solution of school glue and water, which protects the sand sculptures from the elements of mother nature and remain standing for weeks to come until they are destroyed.

You still have time to check out these sand sculptures on Hampton Beach, as they are available for viewing this week until destruction on July 29.  I would recommend (as I have done in years past) to go view the sculptures at night (if you’re staying close by), as you get a different perspective on them.

I visited Hampton Beach early last week as the sand was being delivered, but haven’t had the chance to go back.  I’ll try to go down Thursday morning and take some pictures for those that cannot make it there.

Well, I hope this has been an informative post, and I really hope you are close enough to get down to Hampton Beach to take a look at the sculptures, because I believe they will be better than in years past.

Until next time, we’re out.

Howdy There, and Welcome to My New Hampshire Guide

June 8th, 2007

Howdy, I reckon you’re here looking for a bit of information about the great state of New Hampshire. Well, you’ve come to the right place, as I have lived in the great “Granite State” my entire life. First, before I get started, I want to take a minute and introduce myself and tell you how this site came about.

My name is Jon Watson and I’m a resident of the very quaint town of Plymouth, New Hampshire. I am happily married to Stacey (Smith) Watson, and we both love to talk long and peaceful walks along Plymouth and the beautiful Plymouth State University campus. We’ve been happily married for thirteen years and have two children.

A couple weeks ago, my wife’s old friend from Oregon asked her about traveling in New England, and New Hampshire in particular. Being of the friendly New Hampshire sort, my wife and I sat down to figure out how to tell them that New Hampshire was one of the best places in the country not only to travel to, but relax, take a load off and regain that inner peace many strive to find.

After finding many inadequate guides to recommend to my wife’s old friend, my wife suggested that we should personally put together some information for them, and make it a personal guide to New Hampshire. Well, one thing leads to another and now I’ve been writing about New Hampshire for about two and a half months (as a “hobby”) and have decided to share it with the world, through a blog-style, because we know New Hampshire is one of the greatest places in the states, if not the entire world.

As of this moment, we plan to share many of the exciting happenings in New Hampshire, posting articles and photographs from events around the state. Hopefully we’ll get enough readers where we’ll have a lot of comments on the site, and some discussions can be formed about the articles that we write collectively.  Did you know New Hampshire has over 1,250,000 residents and just ten counties?  Did you know that New Hampshire has no sales tax?  It is just one of the many things that people love about New Hampshire.

This site could go in many directions in addition to the articles that we post, but much of that depends on the readers. We’d like to get your suggestions for events you’d like covered, interesting facts about New Hampshire, and much more. Hopefully we’ll get some great feedback regarding this.

We really hope that you personally enjoy the time and effort that we have put into this work and website. We have sincerely enjoyed writing about such a great state. If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the great state of New Hampshire, we hope this guide will act as a motivator to come spend a season with us here in New Hampshire. We’ll personally guarantee you that you’ll want to call New Hampshire your new “home”.