Ride a sleigh for Friday the 13th in NH

People forget that NH is a very rural state, and though the 21st century has arrived some of our most pleasing events are based on our farming roots.

With that in mind let me introduce to you the Coppal House Farmwhere you can go for an old-fashioned, horse-drawn wagon or sleigh ride.

It doesn’t run all the time, but it is running this friday and on this weekend.  

It’s a huge place of some 78 acres with great scenery and beautiful views of the fields and woods.  Although they do provide lap blankets I recommend  that you dress warmly.

It is in Lee, NH only 20 minutes from the Seacoast and 1-hour from Boston, MA or Portland, ME.  Sleigh rides are subject to weather of course.

For rates and more information please visit their website at www.nhcornmaze.com .

118 North River Road
Lee, NH 03861

Phone: 603-659-3572
Website: http://www.nhcornmaze.com


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